Chefs and Caterers

Need students to work your next event?  Rancho Cielo’s Drummond Culinary Academy has enthusiastic students to fit your needs for prep, service, bussing, action stations, or plate-up for that party of 500.  It’s an opportunity for our students to get a taste for the real deal, working for the pros in our local hospitality industry, a preview of their 1st job after graduation.  You can be the one to make a difference in the lives of our youth.  Please contact Chef Patrick Hendon or Program Manager Mark Bruszer for details and they can match a student to your needs.

We have a standard financial arrangement that we make with chefs and caterers, as we do pay the students a stipend for this work. We make an effort to ensure they are not taken advantage of; we know you will support this arrangement.

Chefs Wanted: must be able to show off!

Rancho Cielo’s Drummond Culinary Academy needs guest chefs to supplement our culinary fundamental curriculum.  Whatever your specialty, your passion, we need you to share that with our students.  Please contact Chef Patrick to schedule a day that will change the lives of our students forever.


The Drummond Culinary Academy is a unique and sophisticated setting, boasting a lovely view from the glassed-in outdoor patio. The 1,300 square foot facility accommodates gatherings for up to 60 guests inside, and an additional 40 guests outside.

The Drummond Culinary Academy is located at Rancho Cielo Youth Campus, a 100-acre ranch in the foothills of Salinas. The Drummond Culinary Academy is a charter vocational high school for underserved youth in Monterey County. Students learn academy-level culinary instruction while earning their high school diploma. Your patronage helps to sustain this program.

Read these recent comments written by diners on their survey!

“The view was amazing, but the food was incredible! Some of the best I have ever tasted!”

“We had a great time with friends. The dining room is elegant and comfortable. The food was absolutely fantastic.! Everything had appealing presentation AND taste.  This was our first time – thanks so much – we’ll be back and will tell our friends.”

“Fantastic meal, friendly service, beautiful atmosphere.”

“We’re thinking about coming back once a month!”

Drummond Academy: Write This Down For The Next School Year by Steve Wheeler: Cedar Street Times

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